[royaljewellery_text_block images=”1401,201,202,203″ element_title=”We Craft Beautiful Attractive Jewellery for your special occasions” text_area_block=”The business had attained self-sustenance in a pre-independent India. Our forefathers always believed in ethical, honest and transparent business practices that laid the foundation of the DHADDA group.
We have been manufacturing and exporting precious stones especially emeralds since 1964. We are winners of the highest export awards for consecutive three years. With sincere efforts and objective to create a flawless and timeless piece of jewels, we started a new venture DIVINE with Mr. Vipin Dugar in 2006. Mr. Vipin Dugar from Antwerp has 50 years of vast experience in the diamond industry.
DIVINE jewellery, its craftsmanship, and variety is an amazing showcase of India’s heritage, culture, and diversity. With a deep understanding of local tastes and preferences, DIVINE offers an array of traditional and contemporary jewellery designs in gold, diamonds, precious stones, and other precious metals.
We at Divine, understand what a client desires, their jewellery to express. A piece is created with great detailing keeping in mind the objective of the clients. A piece once created is checked over and over to ensure the quality and fineness.
We started a new manufacturing firm EMVILA in 2011 in the partnership of most talented Mr. Lalit Nagota. Now we specialize in all types of stones (calibrated stones, single stones, carving, cabochons etc…).Mr Lalit nagota has a vast 25 years of experience in manufacturing emeralds.He has acquired knowledge and specialization from his father Late Shri Umrao Singh Ji Nagota Jaipur. Mr nagota has visited many countries to import raw material.
I believe ‘ Trust’ is the main earning which DIVINE and EMVILLA have achieved from India, and abroad.
Customer satisfaction is the foremost thing and we at EMVILLA believe in fair and transparent business. We believe in creating a masterpiece, one of its kind. These are the simple principles that have helped us to reach where we are today.
Today, Pampered by the unbound love and support of our valuable clients and with the blessings of the Almighty, we believe we are on the right path towards the accomplishment of our vision to open a shop online and serve customers across the world.
We have the ability to elucidate and understand the basic need of our customers. Stones in itself is a complicated and versatile product.W e carefully and painstakingly select the quality of our products and customize them according to the demands.
Highly skilled craftsmen create our products.
Jewellery plays an essential role in Indian weddings, enhancing the charms of the bride in every way. India embraces different customs that have withstood the sands of time.
The stark contrast between the bridal jewellery of North and South India is exactly what makes India such a diverse country. Our craftsmen have taken inspiration from India’s marvelous culture to create flawless collections for every bride. Explore our pieces and immerse yourself in the magical world of Indian wedding jewellery.
ABHINAV DHADDA – Executive Director
We have always visualized everything on a large scale. We introduced a lot to jewellery retailing – customer loyalty programs, price tags, customer service centers, and many such things. We have always believed in thinking ahead of the customer, in his interest, for his interest.
We have immense gratitude towards everybody who set their feet into a store and we would always want everyone to continue to be a part of this vibrant family at DIVINE and we will do anything and everything for that.”]
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[royaljewellery_text_block_2 element_title=”We Think Different” sub_heading_1=”What We Do” text_area_block_1=”Our products are designed with thought to their purpose and are made carefully. They require skill and knowledge from the designer and the maker, they might have a history, they might preserve a tradition” sub_heading_2=”Our Vision” text_area_block_2=”Our Vision is our framework that guides our business and everything about it. To understand and delight the world, translating everyone’s dream and personality into jewellery, and spread the happiness from it too.” sub_heading_3=”Our Mission” text_area_block_3=”ONLINE SHOPPING declares our purpose of existence as a company and our objective. To give every customer much more than what he asks for in terms of quality, selection, value for money and customer service and by understanding local tastes. “]
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